Uses of Interface

Packages that use VoldemortService
voldemort.server The Voldemort server. 
voldemort.server.gossip Classes associated with the Gossip feature. 
voldemort.server.http The HTTP server. 
voldemort.server.jmx Service which deals with the JMX registration 
voldemort.server.niosocket The Voldemort NIO socket server implementation. 
voldemort.server.protocol.admin Server side implementation of admin based requests 
voldemort.server.rebalance Classes dealing with rebalancing on the server side. 
voldemort.server.socket The services on the server side which handle normal + admin requests The storage service which handles instantiating all the stores and their corresponding engines. 

Uses of VoldemortService in voldemort.common.service

Classes in voldemort.common.service that implement VoldemortService
 class AbstractService
          A helper template for implementing VoldemortService
 class SchedulerService
          The voldemort scheduler

Uses of VoldemortService in

Classes in that implement VoldemortService
 class CoordinatorService
          A Netty based HTTP service that accepts REST requests from the Voldemort thin clients and invokes the corresponding Fat client API.

Uses of VoldemortService in

Classes in that implement VoldemortService
 class RestService

Uses of VoldemortService in voldemort.server

Classes in voldemort.server that implement VoldemortService
 class AbstractSocketService
          AbstractSocketService abstracts the different implementations so that we can use this common super class by various callers.
 class VoldemortServer
          This is the main server, it bootstraps all the services.

Methods in voldemort.server that return VoldemortService
 VoldemortService VoldemortServer.getService(ServiceType type)

Methods in voldemort.server that return types with arguments of type VoldemortService
 java.util.List<VoldemortService> VoldemortServer.getServices()

Uses of VoldemortService in voldemort.server.gossip

Classes in voldemort.server.gossip that implement VoldemortService
 class GossipService
          This service runs a metadata Gossip protocol.

Uses of VoldemortService in voldemort.server.http

Classes in voldemort.server.http that implement VoldemortService
 class HttpService
          An embedded http server that uses jetty

Uses of VoldemortService in voldemort.server.jmx

Classes in voldemort.server.jmx that implement VoldemortService
 class JmxService
          A service that manages JMX registration

Constructor parameters in voldemort.server.jmx with type arguments of type VoldemortService
JmxService(VoldemortServer server, Cluster cluster, StoreRepository storeRepository, java.util.Collection<VoldemortService> services)

Uses of VoldemortService in voldemort.server.niosocket

Classes in voldemort.server.niosocket that implement VoldemortService
 class NioSocketService
          NioSocketService is an NIO-based socket service, comparable to the blocking-IO-based socket service.

Uses of VoldemortService in voldemort.server.protocol.admin

Classes in voldemort.server.protocol.admin that implement VoldemortService
 class AsyncOperationService
          Asynchronous job scheduler for admin service operations.

Uses of VoldemortService in voldemort.server.protocol.hadoop

Classes in voldemort.server.protocol.hadoop that implement VoldemortService
 class RestHadoopAuth

Uses of VoldemortService in voldemort.server.rebalance

Classes in voldemort.server.rebalance that implement VoldemortService
 class RebalancerService

Uses of VoldemortService in voldemort.server.socket

Classes in voldemort.server.socket that implement VoldemortService
 class AdminService
 class SocketService
          The VoldemortService that loads up the socket server

Uses of VoldemortService in

Classes in that implement VoldemortService
 class StorageService
          The service responsible for managing all storage types

Jay Kreps, Roshan Sumbaly, Alex Feinberg, Bhupesh Bansal, Lei Gao, Chinmay Soman, Vinoth Chandar, Zhongjie Wu