Interface StoreRequest<T>

Type Parameters:
T - Type returned by Store request

public interface StoreRequest<T>

A StoreRequest is a wrapper around one of the five existing requests to the Store API. It is useful to provide a sort of function object for various utility methods.

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Method Summary
 T request(Store<ByteArray,byte[],byte[]> store)
          Perform the request to the given Store.

Method Detail


T request(Store<ByteArray,byte[],byte[]> store)
          throws VoldemortException
Perform the request to the given Store. It is assumed that the parameters for the call are part of the implementing object internally. They are not provided here.

store - Store on which to invoke the request
Value from underlying Store
VoldemortException - Thrown on errors invoking the operation on the given Store

Jay Kreps, Roshan Sumbaly, Alex Feinberg, Bhupesh Bansal, Lei Gao, Chinmay Soman, Vinoth Chandar, Zhongjie Wu