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Packages that use SocketStoreFactory
voldemort.cluster.failuredetector Classes associated with client side failure detectors. The storage service which handles instantiating all the stores and their corresponding engines. Server side wrapper stores used for redirection during rebalancing. More classes related to how to parse client requests 

Uses of SocketStoreFactory in voldemort.cluster.failuredetector

Constructors in voldemort.cluster.failuredetector with parameters of type SocketStoreFactory
ServerStoreVerifier(SocketStoreFactory storeFactory, MetadataStore metadataStore, VoldemortConfig voldemortConfig)

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Methods in that return SocketStoreFactory
 SocketStoreFactory StorageService.getSocketStoreFactory()

Uses of SocketStoreFactory in

Constructors in with parameters of type SocketStoreFactory
RebootstrappingStore(MetadataStore metadata, StoreRepository storeRepository, VoldemortConfig voldemortConfig, RoutedStore routedStore, SocketStoreFactory storeFactory)
RedirectingStore(Store<ByteArray,byte[],byte[]> innerStore, MetadataStore metadata, StoreRepository storeRepository, FailureDetector detector, SocketStoreFactory storeFactory, java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService proxyPutWorkerPool, ProxyPutStats proxyPutStats)

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Classes in that implement SocketStoreFactory
 class ClientRequestExecutorPool
          A pool of ClientRequestExecutor keyed off the SocketDestination.

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