Package voldemort.client

The user facing interface to Voldemort.


Interface Summary
StoreClient<K,V> The user-facing interface to a Voldemort store.
StoreClientFactory An abstraction the represents a connection to a Voldemort cluster and can be used to create StoreClient instances to interact with individual stores.

Class Summary
AbstractStoreClientFactory A base class for various StoreClientFactory implementations
CachingStoreClientFactory A wrapper for a store StoreClientFactory which caches requests to getStoreClient
ClientConfig A configuration object that holds configuration parameters for the client.
ClientInfo A collection of voldemort client side information what will be populated into the voldemort cluster when a client is connected to a voldemort cluster
ClientThreadPool A thread pool with a more convenient constructor and some jmx monitoring
DefaultStoreClient<K,V> The default StoreClient implementation you get back from a StoreClientFactory
HttpStoreClientFactory Deprecated.
LazyStoreClient<K,V> A StoreClient with lazy initialization.
MockStoreClientFactory A store client that produces non-persistent, in-memory stores.
SocketStoreClientFactory A StoreClientFactory abstracts away the connection pooling, threading, and bootstrapping mechanism.
SystemStoreClient<K,V> A client interface for interacting with System stores (managed by the cluster).
SystemStoreClientFactory<K,V> Helper Factory to create System Stores.
SystemStoreRepository A repository that creates and maintains all the system stores in one place.
TimeoutConfig Encapsulates the timeouts, in ms, for various Voldemort operations
UpdateAction<K,V> An update action such as a read-modify-store cycle.
ZenStoreClient<K,V> The enhanced StoreClient implementation you get back from a StoreClientFactory
ZoneAffinity Encapsulates the zone affinity configuiration for various Voldemort operations

Enum Summary
RoutingTier Enumerates different routing strategies.

Exception Summary
BootstrapFailureException The exception thrown when bootstrapping the store from the cluster fails (e.g.

Package voldemort.client Description

The user facing interface to Voldemort. This package includes the StoreClient implementation that the user sees and the factory responsible for bootstrapping the client.

HttpStoreClientFactory and SocketStoreClientFactory both abstract away the threadpool and configuration that is shared between all the StoreClients that they will produce.

CachingStoreClientFactory is a wrapper around the other two factories to cache store-clients for stores which are used a lot.

Jay Kreps, Roshan Sumbaly, Alex Feinberg, Bhupesh Bansal, Lei Gao, Chinmay Soman, Vinoth Chandar, Zhongjie Wu