voldemort The root package.
voldemort.annotations Annotations used by Voldemort
voldemort.annotations.concurrency Advisory annotations for threadsafety.
voldemort.annotations.jmx Annotations for exposing objects as JMX managed beans.
voldemort.client The user facing interface to Voldemort.
voldemort.client.protocol Classes that abstract the serialization format for Voldemort client requests.
voldemort.client.protocol.admin Classes that abstract admin based Voldemort requests.
voldemort.client.protocol.admin.filter Classes that deal with filters that can be used by our streaming API
voldemort.client.protocol.pb A protocol buffers based client-side request format.
voldemort.client.protocol.vold Classes specific to our native Voldemort protocol.
voldemort.client.rebalance All classes associated with the rebalance controller tool.
voldemort.client.rebalance.task Classes that encapsulate a specific rebalance task (between a stealer-node and donor-node).
voldemort.cluster Classes that model a voldemort cluster.
voldemort.cluster.failuredetector Classes associated with client side failure detectors.
voldemort.routing Routing strategies for mapping requests into the Voldemort cluster.
voldemort.serialization Code for mapping objects to bytes and bytes to objects.
voldemort.serialization.avro Classes associated with Avro specific serializers
voldemort.serialization.json Classes associated with our custom binary JSON serializers
voldemort.serialization.protobuf Classes associated with Protocol buffers serializers
voldemort.serialization.thrift Classes associated with Thrift serializers
voldemort.server The Voldemort server.
voldemort.server.gossip Classes associated with the Gossip feature.
voldemort.server.http The HTTP server.
voldemort.server.http.gui Simple GUI.
voldemort.server.jmx Service which deals with the JMX registration
voldemort.server.niosocket The Voldemort NIO socket server implementation.
voldemort.server.protocol The server side of request RPC handling.
voldemort.server.protocol.admin Server side implementation of admin based requests
voldemort.server.protocol.pb Server side handling of protocol buffer based requests
voldemort.server.protocol.vold Server side handling of native Voldemort protocol requests
voldemort.server.rebalance Classes dealing with rebalancing on the server side.
voldemort.server.scheduler The scheduler service ( which runs a job every n minutes ) + The actual jobs as well.
voldemort.server.scheduler.slop The background jobs associated with the slop store.
voldemort.server.socket The services on the server side which handle normal + admin requests
voldemort.server.storage The storage service which handles instantiating all the stores and their corresponding engines.
voldemort.store The Store interface is the primary interface for Voldemort.
voldemort.store.bdb A storage engine that persists data in BDB JE.
voldemort.store.compress Classes associated with compression on the server ( storage ) side.
voldemort.store.configuration A storage engine to persist metadata on a server.
voldemort.store.gzip Storage engine which gzips the content before delegating it down.
voldemort.store.http HTTP based storage engine
voldemort.store.invalidmetadata Server side store which checks whether the tuples coming to this node are valid.
voldemort.store.logging A wrapper store which deals with logging.
voldemort.store.memory An in-memory storage engine that serves data out of a non-persistent map.
voldemort.store.metadata Our in-memory metadata store on the server which is backed by the configuration files.
voldemort.store.mysql A storage engine that persists data in a mysql instance.
voldemort.store.nonblockingstore Non-blocking store which deals with async requests.
voldemort.store.readonly A storage engine that provides very efficient read-only access to large sorted files of data.
voldemort.store.readonly.checksum Classes dealing with various checksum policies for read-only stores.
voldemort.store.readonly.chunk Read-only store classes for understanding various format changes.
voldemort.store.readonly.swapper Classes used for fetching and swapping read-only stores.
voldemort.store.rebalancing Server side wrapper stores used for redirection during rebalancing.
voldemort.store.routed A store implmentation that handles routing to nodes, and repairing obsolete values detected on those nodes.
voldemort.store.routed.action Classes representing various states for the state based routing stores.
voldemort.store.serialized A store implementation that handles serialization to bytes from rich objects.
voldemort.store.slop A store implementation that falls back on storing values in additional nodes not in the preference list when nodes are unavailable.
voldemort.store.slop.strategy Bunch of different ways in which we would store failed requests for the Hinted handoff feature.
voldemort.store.socket A store implementation that works remotely over a tcp/ip socket interacting with a SocketServer on the the other side.
voldemort.store.socket.clientrequest More classes related to how to parse client requests
voldemort.store.stats Store wrappers which deal with statistics
voldemort.store.versioned Store decorators that interact with versions.
voldemort.store.views Classes related to Views and server side transforms
voldemort.tools Tools used for administrating a cluster.
voldemort.utils Basic helper functions.
voldemort.utils.pool Resource pool implementation which works! Used on the client side for storing the pool of connections.
voldemort.versioning Classes for operating on vector clocks and dealing with distributed state.
voldemort.xml Classes related to parsing our metadata ( cluster + store definition )


Jay Kreps, Roshan Sumbaly, Alex Feinberg, Bhupesh Bansal, Lei Gao, Chinmay Soman, Vinoth Chandar, Zhongjie Wu