Package voldemort.utils

Basic helper functions.


Interface Summary
ClosableIterator<T> An iterator that must be closed after use
HashFunction A hash function for bytes, determinisitically maps bytes into ints
Time The interface to time itself.

Class Summary
ByteArray A byte array container that provides an equals and hashCode pair based on the contents of the byte array.
ByteUtils Utility functions for munging on bytes
ClusterForkLiftTool Tool to fork lift data over from a source cluster to a destination cluster.
CmdUtils Helper functions for command line parsing.
ConsistencyCheck.ClusterNode Used to track nodes that may share the same nodeId in different clusters
ConsistencyCheck.HashedValue A class to save version and value hash It is used to compare versions by the value hash
ConsistencyCheck.KeyFetchTracker A class to track what keys have been fetched and what keys will not appear any more.
ConsistencyCheck.Reporter Used to report bad keys, progress, and statistics
ConsistencyCheck.RetentionChecker A checker to determine if a key is to be cleaned according to retention policy
ConsistencyFix.BadKey Type with which to wrap a "bad key"
ConsistencyFix.BadKeyStatus Type with which to wrap a "bad key" that could not be repaired and so needs to be written to output file.
ConstantHashFunction A hash function that always hashes everything to the same value.
DaemonThreadFactory A thread factory that sets the threads to run as daemons.
DefaultIterable<V> An iterable that always produces the given iterator
DirectoryIterator An iterator over all the files contained in a set of directories, including any subdirectories
EventThrottler A class to throttle Events to a certain rate This class takes a maximum rate in events/sec and a minimum interval in ms at which to check the rate.
FnvHashFunction Taken from hash = basis for each octet_of_data to be hashed hash = hash * FNV_prime hash = hash xor octet_of_data return hash
JmxUtils JMX helper functions These rely on annotations to create MBeans.
JNAUtils Native functions used through JNA
ManifestFileReader A utility class that abstract out fields from manifest file
MetadataVersionStoreUtils A Utils class that facilitates conversion between the string containing metadata versions and the corresponding Properties object.
MoveMap Two dimensional counter.
NetworkClassLoader Network class Loader to load Classes on different JVMs needed to provide a User Defined Functions (Filter API) on the server side w/o needing to add jar on each server.
Pair<F,S> Represents a pair of items.
PartitionBalanceUtils PartitionBalanceUtils provides helper methods for interpreting, analyzing, and printing partition information.
Props A less fucked properties class - Implements Map instead of extending HashMap - Hash helpers for getting typed values
RebalanceUtils RebalanceUtils provide basic functionality for rebalancing.
ReflectUtils Utilities for reflection
StringOutputStream A simple string Output Stream.
StripedLock A parallel keyed lock
SystemTime Time implementation that just reads from the system clock
UpdateClusterUtils UpdateClusterUtils provides helper methods for manipulating nodes and clusters.
Utils Helper functions FTW!
WriteThroughCache<K,V> Extends Java HashMap HashMap as a Write through cache
provide a hook to write custom write back strategies

Enum Summary
ConsistencyFix.Status Status of the repair of a specific "bad key"

Exception Summary
UndefinedPropertyException Thrown when a required property is not present

Package voldemort.utils Description

Basic helper functions.

Jay Kreps, Roshan Sumbaly, Alex Feinberg, Bhupesh Bansal, Lei Gao, Chinmay Soman, Vinoth Chandar, Zhongjie Wu