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voldemort.cluster.failuredetector Classes associated with client side failure detectors. The Store interface is the primary interface for Voldemort. Server side wrapper stores used for redirection during rebalancing. 

Uses of UnreachableStoreException in voldemort.cluster.failuredetector

Methods in voldemort.cluster.failuredetector with parameters of type UnreachableStoreException
protected  java.lang.String ThresholdFailureDetector.getCatastrophicError(UnreachableStoreException e)
 void NoopFailureDetector.recordException(Node node, long requestTime, UnreachableStoreException e)
 void BannagePeriodFailureDetector.recordException(Node node, long requestTime, UnreachableStoreException e)
 void ThresholdFailureDetector.recordException(Node node, long requestTime, UnreachableStoreException e)
 void AsyncRecoveryFailureDetector.recordException(Node node, long requestTime, UnreachableStoreException e)
 void FailureDetector.recordException(Node node, long requestTime, UnreachableStoreException e)
          Allows external callers to provide input to the FailureDetector that an error occurred when trying to access the node.
protected  void AbstractFailureDetector.setUnavailable(Node node, UnreachableStoreException e)
protected  void ThresholdFailureDetector.update(Node node, boolean isSuccess, UnreachableStoreException e)

Methods in voldemort.cluster.failuredetector that throw UnreachableStoreException
 void StoreVerifier.verifyStore(Node node)
          Verifies the ability to connect to a Store for this node.
 void ClientStoreVerifier.verifyStore(Node node)
 void BasicStoreVerifier.verifyStore(Node node)
 void ServerStoreVerifier.verifyStore(Node node)

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 class StoreTimeoutException
          Indicates that the given request for the store timed out.

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Subclasses of UnreachableStoreException in
 class ProxyUnreachableException

Methods in with parameters of type UnreachableStoreException
protected  void RedirectingStore.recordException(Node node, long startNs, UnreachableStoreException e)

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