Interface Action

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractAction, AbstractConfigureNodes, AbstractHintedHandoffAction, AbstractKeyBasedAction, AbstractReadRepair, ConfigureNodes, ConfigureNodesByZone, ConfigureNodesDefault, ConfigureNodesLocalHost, ConfigureNodesLocalHostByZone, ConfigureNodesLocalZoneOnly, GetAllConfigureNodes, GetAllReadRepair, IncrementClock, PerformDeleteHintedHandoff, PerformParallelDeleteRequests, PerformParallelGetAllRequests, PerformParallelPutRequests, PerformParallelRequests, PerformPutHintedHandoff, PerformSerialGetAllRequests, PerformSerialPutRequests, PerformSerialRequests, PerformZoneSerialRequests, ReadRepair

public interface Action

An Action is executed in response to the Pipeline receiving an Pipeline.Event. An Action is a discrete portion of logic that forms part of the overall process that executes a given operation. There's no clear standard about how much or how little logic is performed in a given Action, but there are intuitive separations in the logic that form natural boundaries.

Actions are mapped to events by the Pipeline via the Pipeline.addEventAction(Event, Action) method.

See Also:
Pipeline.addEventAction(Event, Action)

Method Summary
 void execute(Pipeline pipeline)
          Executes some portion of the overall logic in the routing pipeline.

Method Detail


void execute(Pipeline pipeline)
Executes some portion of the overall logic in the routing pipeline.

pipeline - Pipeline instance of which this action is a part, used for adding events to the event queue or getting the Pipeline.Operation that resulted in the action being called

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