Uses of Class

Packages that use PerformDeleteHintedHandoff Classes representing various states for the state based routing stores. 

Uses of PerformDeleteHintedHandoff in

Constructors in with parameters of type PerformDeleteHintedHandoff
PerformParallelDeleteRequests(PD pipelineData, Pipeline.Event completeEvent, ByteArray key, FailureDetector failureDetector, int preferred, int required, long timeoutMs, java.util.Map<java.lang.Integer,NonblockingStore> nonblockingStores, HintedHandoff hintedHandoff, PerformDeleteHintedHandoff hintedHandoffAction, Version version)

Jay Kreps, Roshan Sumbaly, Alex Feinberg, Bhupesh Bansal, Lei Gao, Chinmay Soman, Vinoth Chandar, Zhongjie Wu