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Packages that use HintedHandoffStrategy A store implmentation that handles routing to nodes, and repairing obsolete values detected on those nodes. A store implementation that falls back on storing values in additional nodes not in the preference list when nodes are unavailable. Bunch of different ways in which we would store failed requests for the Hinted handoff feature. 

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Fields in declared as HintedHandoffStrategy
protected  HintedHandoffStrategy PipelineRoutedStore.handoffStrategy

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Constructors in with parameters of type HintedHandoffStrategy
HintedHandoff(FailureDetector failureDetector, java.util.Map<java.lang.Integer,Store<ByteArray,Slop,byte[]>> slopStores, java.util.Map<java.lang.Integer,NonblockingStore> nonblockingSlopStores, HintedHandoffStrategy handoffStrategy, java.util.List<Node> failedNodes, long timeoutMs)
          Create a Hinted Handoff object

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Classes in that implement HintedHandoffStrategy
 class ConsistentHandoffStrategy
          A strategy which hands a hint off to any one of N nodes adjacent to the failed node in the ring, the list of the N nodes being static
 class HandoffToAnyStrategy
          A strategy that hands a hint off to any random live node in the ring
 class ProximityHandoffStrategy
          A preference list based handoff strategy which stores multi-zone information

Methods in that return HintedHandoffStrategy
 HintedHandoffStrategy HintedHandoffStrategyFactory.updateHintedHandoffStrategy(StoreDefinition storeDef, Cluster cluster)

Jay Kreps, Roshan Sumbaly, Alex Feinberg, Bhupesh Bansal, Lei Gao, Chinmay Soman, Vinoth Chandar, Zhongjie Wu