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Packages that use ResourceFactory
voldemort.client.protocol.admin Classes that abstract admin based Voldemort requests. More classes related to how to parse client requests 
voldemort.utils.pool Resource pool implementation which works! Used on the client side for storing the pool of connections. 

Uses of ResourceFactory in voldemort.client.protocol.admin

Classes in voldemort.client.protocol.admin that implement ResourceFactory
 class SocketResourceFactory
          A Factory for creating sockets

Uses of ResourceFactory in

Classes in that implement ResourceFactory
 class ClientRequestExecutorFactory
          A Factory for creating ClientRequestExecutor instances.

Uses of ResourceFactory in voldemort.utils.pool

Methods in voldemort.utils.pool with parameters of type ResourceFactory
<K> boolean
KeyedResourcePool.Pool.attemptGrow(K key, ResourceFactory<K,V> objectFactory)
          If there is room in the pool, attempt to to create a new resource and add it to the pool.
<K,V> KeyedResourcePool<K,V>
KeyedResourcePool.create(ResourceFactory<K,V> factory)
          Create a new pool using the defaults
<K,V> QueuedKeyedResourcePool<K,V>
QueuedKeyedResourcePool.create(ResourceFactory<K,V> factory)
          Create a new queued pool using the defaults for key of tyep K, request of type R, and value of Type V.
<K,V> KeyedResourcePool<K,V>
KeyedResourcePool.create(ResourceFactory<K,V> factory, ResourcePoolConfig config)
          Create a new pool
<K,V> QueuedKeyedResourcePool<K,V>
QueuedKeyedResourcePool.create(ResourceFactory<K,V> factory, ResourcePoolConfig config)
          Create a new queued pool with key type K, request type R, and value type V.

Constructors in voldemort.utils.pool with parameters of type ResourceFactory
KeyedResourcePool(ResourceFactory<K,V> objectFactory, ResourcePoolConfig resourcePoolConfig)
QueuedKeyedResourcePool(ResourceFactory<K,V> objectFactory, ResourcePoolConfig config)

Jay Kreps, Roshan Sumbaly, Alex Feinberg, Bhupesh Bansal, Lei Gao, Chinmay Soman, Vinoth Chandar, Zhongjie Wu