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Packages that use EventThrottler
voldemort.client.protocol.admin Classes that abstract admin based Voldemort requests. 
voldemort.server.protocol.admin Server side implementation of admin based requests 
voldemort.server.scheduler The scheduler service ( which runs a job every n minutes ) + The actual jobs as well. The storage service which handles instantiating all the stores and their corresponding engines. 
voldemort.utils Basic helper functions. 

Uses of EventThrottler in voldemort.client.protocol.admin

Fields in voldemort.client.protocol.admin declared as EventThrottler
protected  EventThrottler BaseStreamingClient.throttler

Uses of EventThrottler in voldemort.server.protocol.admin

Fields in voldemort.server.protocol.admin declared as EventThrottler
protected  EventThrottler FetchStreamRequestHandler.throttler
protected  EventThrottler UpdatePartitionEntriesStreamRequestHandler.throttler

Uses of EventThrottler in voldemort.server.scheduler

Constructors in voldemort.server.scheduler with parameters of type EventThrottler
DataCleanupJob(StorageEngine<K,V,T> store, ScanPermitWrapper cleanupPermits, long maxAgeMs, Time time, EventThrottler throttler, MetadataStore metadataStore)

Uses of EventThrottler in

Fields in declared as EventThrottler
protected  EventThrottler DataMaintenanceJob.throttler

Uses of EventThrottler in voldemort.utils

Subclasses of EventThrottler in voldemort.utils
 class DynamicEventThrottler

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